Hairstyles For Natural African Curly Hair

21 African American Curly Hairstyles for Women Hairstyles For Natural African Curly Hair

Many African-American women with natural curly hair need to find the right hairstyle to bring out their gorgeous features. From ballerinas to models to singers, these African-American women prove every day that having natural hair can be beautiful if done correctly. And whether you have short, long, or medium-length hair, there are a variety of ways to keep your curls looking and feeling their best. Here are some of the best Hairstyles for Natural African Curly Hair you should know about.

Low Bun

The low bun is one of the most popular African American curly hairstyles. This style works best with medium to long hair and can be as casual or as fancy as your heart desires. Simply gather some strands in the nape of your neck and twist into a bun. To make the bun stay in place, secure it with a strong, comfortable elastic. If you want to dress up this look even more, add some hair accessories like pins, jewels, or a headband. When styling this look, keep in mind to use a strong leave-in conditioner so your hair won’t get dry and frizzy. Blow drying or flat ironing the ends of your strands can give the bun more of a finished look as well. Adding a headband or a few strands of colored hair can add texture to the style as well.

Twists and Curls

If you’re looking for a more whimsical hairstyle, try twists and curls. This is a great option for women with medium or long hair. During this style, the hair is separated into small sections and then twisted down and around the head. After that, the hair is curled with a curling iron or wand. To make this look really stand out, use a heat-protecting spray before styling the hair. Adding accessories like beads or clips can also look beautiful when done correctly. When done correctly, twists and curls and add a fun and stylish look that can be worn day or night.

Box Braids

Box braids are one of the most iconic African-American hairstyles. They are created by separating the hair into small, square sections and braiding them into individual strands. Box braids are a great choice for a long-lasting style with minimal maintenance. When styling box braids, it’s important to make sure that the edges of the braids are securely fastened. To keep them looking their best, use a light moisturizing gel or cream while styling to keep the hair from becoming dried out. When wearing box braids, there are plenty of different styles to choose from. Whether you keep them loose or put them in a bun or braid, you’ll be sure to make a stunning statement. To make the look even more unique, add hair accessories or colored beads to the ends of the braids.

Bantu Knots

Another African-American curly hairstyle that never goes out of style is Bantu knots. This style is created by separating the hair into small sections and then twisting, coiling, or braiding it into a curved shape. After that, the hair is then fastened at the ends. To make sure the knots stay in place, use a light-hold hairspray on each knot before styling. Once the knots have been styled, leave them in throughout the day to give them more time to set. For extra volume, use a blow dryer or texturizing spray after the style is finished. Bantu knots work best with medium to long hair and can be styled in any way – from sleek and polished to wild and edgy. Plus, they can last for days if they are taken care of properly.


If you’re looking for a more elegant and classic style, go with cornrows. This is one of the oldest African-American hairstyles and is generally created by separating the hair into small sections and braiding it close to the scalp. While this style can be a bit time-consuming, it definitely gives off a stylish and timeless vibe. When styling cornrows, make sure to use a light moisturizing product to keep the scalp and hair from drying out. Also, make sure to securely fasten the ends of the braids so they won’t unravel throughout the day. While this style may take a bit of time to create, the results are definitely worth the effort. Cornrows hold their shape for days and can be styled in many different ways to achieve the look you want.

Highly Defined Curls

For those days when all you want is to show off your curled tresses, taking the time to separate and define each curl can be a great way to showcase your beautiful hair. To achieve this style, start by cornering sections of your strands and then foam rolling or using a curling wand so you have properly formed curls. For those with shorter hair, this hairstyle works best if you start with some light prepping products before you begin styling. Adding a foam roller or bendy roller to the strand will help give you a more defined shape. To keep the curls looking their best all day, make sure to apply a heat-protecting product before curling. Once the curls are done, spray them with a light holding spray to seal in the shape of the curl. Highly defined curls are a beautiful way to show off your natural curls and can be styled even further with accessories such as barrettes, bands, or pins.

Twisted Halo

The twisted halo is a lovely African-American curly hairstyle that can easily be achieved with long or medium length hair. To create this look, simply divide hair into two sections and then twist them in opposite directions into a halo shape. Secure the twist with a few bobby pins and you’ll be sure to turn heads. This style is easily customizable as you can let certain sections be more defined or wild. When styling, use a light moisturizing product to keep your strands protected and to keep them from becoming too dry. The twisted halo is best for women with curly hair, as the definition of each curl will help the halo stay in place. You can finish the look off with a few hair accessories like pins, headbands, or clips for an even more unique look.


For a sleek and stylish African-American hairstyle, consider the pompadour. This look is created by pushing the hair on the sides and back of the head and then rolling it into a high pompadour shape. To achieve a more defined look, use a brush to help smooth out the hair and create the desired shape. When styling, make sure to use a strong-hold hairspray to keep the pompadour in place. To finish off the look, add a bit of texture to the top with a curling iron or flat iron. The pompadour is a great option for women with naturally curly hair as it helps to give the hair more of a polished look. It’s also easy to maintain as the high-end look will last all day.

Twisted Updo

This African-American hairstyle is a great way to dress up an otherwise casual look. The twisted updo is created by gathering pieces of the hair into the nape of the neck and then twisting them into a loose bun shape. To create an even shape, use a few bobby pins to secure the bun in place. When styling this look, make sure to use a light moisturizing product to help protect against dryness and frizz. To add texture, use a curling iron or flat iron on a few pieces of the hair. The twisted updo is a great way to instantly dress up a look and is an easy option for a night out. Plus, it’s a great choice for women with curly hair as it can help to define the curls and make them look even more beautiful.

Afro Puff

The afro puff is a classic African-American hairstyle that is quick and easy to do. This look is created by gathering the hair at the crown of the head and securing it with an elastic band. You can also add hair accessories like pins, ribbons, or headbands for a more unique look. To style the afro puff, use a moisturizing product and a boar bristle brush to make the afro puff as full as possible. This look is perfect for those with curly hair as it can help to tease and volumize the curls at the same time. The afro puff is a great choice for women with short or medium-length hair who want to add volume and style to their look. The style is easy to maintain and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Twisted Braid

The twisted braid is a great option for African-American women with long hair. To create this look, simply braid your hair in the desired direction and then secure it with an elastic band. You can also add a few accessories, like ribbons or barrettes to give the braid more of a unique look

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