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If you are looking for some amazing Haircut Ideas Long Straight Hair, you've come to the right place! Everyone knows that long straight hair can be a bit lackluster when it comes to styling. You want to have some fun with it, but you aren't quite sure which way to go. Luckily, it is easier than ever to get inspired and come up with something totally unique that will turn heads.

Cascading Wavy Layers

This look bunches your long hair gently and strategically to make it look as though you have natural wavy layers that flow down. The cascading wavy layers approach to long hair gives the illusion that is intended to make you look younger, while also providing complete coverage from day to night. Use a light spray or mousse to give a soft wavy texture. Curl the ends of your hair with a curling iron to create beautiful bends.

To keep the waves looking their best, fight the gravity and keep your hair in an updo. Braid the hair not used for waves in a tight braid from the bottom up to the crown. Use bobby pins to help the braid stay in place and to keep your hair looking voluminous. If you don't mind a few waves falling over your shoulder, secure the braid around the back of the head in a half-up, half-down style.

This is an ideal look for any formal occasions. The waves blend into the braid gorgeously and it provides a level of elegance that is sweet and pretty, with an easy to maintain hairstyle.

Beachy Side Braid

The beachy side braid look is the perfect style for the hopelessly romantic. It requires almost no effort whatsoever while giving off a relaxed but put-together vibe. All it takes is some beachy texture spray to give your straight hair extra wave and texture.

Start by giving yourself a middle part and then textures spray the hair to give it some body. Gather the hair from both sides and start to braid it. Secure the French braid at the bottom and use some hairspray to make sure the braid and the rest of the hair stays in place for a long time.

The cool thing about the beachy braided look is that it looks great in all lengths. You can have this laid back hairdo with short, medium, or long straight hair. If you are heading to a beach party or a casual weekend gathering, this style is ideal.

Brow-Grazing Bangs

This is a timeless look for long straight hair. The look is one that turns people's heads whether you are at the office, a party, or just out for a night on the town. It requires minimal effort and is sure to bring you plenty of compliments.

Brow-grazing bangs give your entire look a makeover, even if you don't change anything else about your look. The bangs graze your brows to frame your face and eyes, adding a hint of mystery and charm. All you need is your trusty flat iron to straighten and part the bangs, and then apply a bit of texturizing spray to keep the bangs in place. It can be as dramatic or mild as you'd like, depending on how much texture you add.

This look is ideal for special occasions, or if you just want to switch up your look. Brow-grazing bangs are sure to bring you the attention you desire.

Flat Iron Crimps

Flat iron crimps are favorites among the younger generation for their fun and modern style. It is messier and more relaxed than a typical crimped hairstyle which would require crimping the entire hair. Using a flat iron crimp gives the hair more variation and movement.

First, section the hair and starting with the longest side, roll hair around the flat iron and pull it down. Repeat until you have the section crimped. The important thing is consistency in each cable-like crimp you create. Once you finish crimping back the sides, you can now top it off with a few bigger crimps to add more texture to the style.

The flat iron crimps create a unique texture that can be done in super short or long hair as well. It also works better than standard crimps since it requires less product and tools. It is a great look for a night out or even if you just want to do something creative with your long straight hair.

Side Swept Pixie Cut

This look is perfect for those of you with long locks. The side-swept pixie cut allows you to keep the length while taking off the extra maintenance. It is a fun and edgy style that can be worn down or brushed up for extra volume. It requires minimal effort compared to some of the more intricate long hair looks.

First, you have to part the hair in the middle and then use a flat iron to curl the ends of the hair. Once the hair is curled, use a boar bristle brush to brush the hair to one side. You can use hairspray or texture spray for extra texture and hold. Finally, use a bit of product to spike the ends for a more dramatic look.

The pixie look is one of the most playful long hair styles out there. It is both sexy and subtle, while remaining edgy and unique. It is a great look for any occasion, but especially for a night out when you really want to make a statement.

Chignon with Twists and Braids

This is a sophisticated look for when you want to make a statement but still look timeless. This look consists of a low chignon with twists and braids that give you amazing definition and volume. This updo is as popular as ever since it looks much more complicated than it really is.

First, start off with a low, loose ponytail. Use a curling iron to curl the ends of the hair. Then braid your hair and leave it half out of the ponytail. Twist the other half in small sections and then secure it with bobby pins to give the chignon extra texture. Use hairspray or texturizing spray to maintain the look all day.

This look is perfect for any special occasions or just when you want to look extra special. The chignon is voluminous and totally unique. Whether you are heading to a wedding, a date, or a special occasion, this timeless look will get you lots of compliments.

Hair Bows

Hair bows are a great way to add a fun twist to long straight hair. This look is amazing for any occasion, from a night out to a job interview. It is a simple yet elegant hairstyle that will surely turn heads.

First off, section a tuft of hair 3-4 inches wide and secure the rest with a hair tie. Then, take a small section within the tuft and make a small braid. Secure it with a bobby pin at the end. Now create a second, larger braid and wrap it around the smaller one. Secure the larger braid with bobby pins.

Hair bows are great way to accessorize your look and can be worn both day and night. It is a statement look that will give you a bit of added sophistication to your overall look.

Half Up Top Knot

Nothing quite says easy and effortless as the half up top knot. It is perfect for those of you who don't like to have your hair all up but still want something unique and stylish. It is versatile, so you can mix and match different looks with it.

To get the look, start by gathering the hair at the crown of the head. Secure the top hair with an elastic band, and make sure it is tight. Then gather the bottom section and twist it together. Pull them away from each other to increase the volume and then secure them together with bobby pins. Use spray or mousse to keep everything in place.

The half up top knot is perfect for busy days when you don't have time to fix your hair. It looks good with straight hair in any length, and is an easy way to dress up any outfit.

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